Fábula do Olhar | 2012-2013

During one month and a half, de Medeiros installed a photo studio in two cafeterias destined for homeless people living in the streets of Fortaleza. Photographing 20 homeless individuals in black and white and collecting their personal accounts on video, the artist posed a key question that directed the outcome of the work: “How would you like to be seen by society?” This question opened up a field of subjectivity of the individuals portrayed who, fabulating their own conditions, made themselves co-authors of the work. The moment of fabulation are thus moments when the difference between what is real and what is imagined become indiscernible; when, through this process, the individual constitutes itself as subject of the scene and not as a mere object to be observed; to create a world and in it believe and project. The artist Mestre Júlio, through the technique of hand coloured photopainting, coloured the portraits in black and white, interfering on the images in accordance with the revelations of the homeless individuals. What results is an image-fabulation that removes the identity veil that covers and neutralizes the lived presence of these individuals, who have their personal consciousness ignored and covered by identity stigmas and stereotyped images by means of which is represented.

Jéssica da série Fábula do Olhar 2013 fotopintura digital, texto em moldura, e audio. Digital photopainting, framed text, and audio.
ed 5 + 2 PAs – 120 x 90 cm | produzido em colaboração com o mestre Júlio Santos/made in collaboration with ‘master’ Júlio Santos

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